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Updated: FEBRUARY 16, 2018


The Alliance for Leadership and Education (A.L.E.) is a 501(c) 3 corporation governed by a seven member Board of Directors.

Its mission is to "advance innovation and quality in adult day services through research and analysis, training, policy development and leadership for the benefit of consumers and their caregivers."

The ALE also provides guidance and information about adult day services to the public and policy-makers through its partnership with the California Association for Adult Day Services (CAADS).

Applications Now Being Accepted For Nina M. Nolcox Scholarship

JUN 20, 2017 | Alliance for Leadership and Education
Scholarship Information | Scholarship Application: Fill-in :: Write-on

The Alliance for Leadership and Education (A.L.E.) is pleased to announce the application process for the Nina M. Nolcox Nursing Scholarship for Continuing Education is now open. This scholarship is designated to a qualified nurse employed by a CAADS member and consists of an award to cover registration fees for the 2017 CAADS Fall Conference as well as travelling expenses.

Nina Nolcox was a visionary in public health nursing and devoted her passion and skills to serving low income adults with chronic health conditions. The scholarship was created to honor the legacy of Nina M. Nolcox, RN, PHN, by recognizing an individual in the nursing field who exemplifies nursing leadership, displays a passion for service, and demonstrates a commitment to enhancing quality care for participants.

All applications must be received by 5:00 PM August 14, 2017, to be considered.

ALE's Community Based Health Home in the News!

Garden Grove nurses' house calls program helps seniors prolong independence
SEPT 6, 2016
Orange County Register
Lauren M. Whaley / Center for Health Reporting
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Grant Supported Projects

Thomas J. Long Foundation
Community Based Health Home nurse with patient


JAN 2015 (36 months) || $750,000

To replicate and advance the pioneering concepts of the Community Based Health Home (CBHH) as an emerging model for stabilizing health and psychosocial risk factors for older adults served in adult day health care settings whose complex conditions are exceptionally challenging.

SCAN Health Plan Community Giving
Community Based Health Home Project site logos


JAN 2013 (36 months) || $2,000,000

To create a Community Based Adult Services Health Home by building on the unique bio-psycho-social CBAS service platform by adding a specially trained skilled nurse to serve as health navigator for the neediest of the elderly dual eligibles served in CBAS centers in order to keep them aging in place in the community and out of more costly institutional settings.

The California Wellness Foundation
California Wellness Foundation logo


JUN 2011 (36 months) || $100,000
JUN 2008 (36 months) || $150,000

Adult Day Services programs will improve their community capacity to serve underserved low-income populations by increasing the awareness of the program model as a necessary component of community-based long term care within health care reform activities and policies.

The California Community Foundation
TOPS logo


AUG 2011 (24 months) || $90,000

To maintain and promote the growth of the TOPS system initiated as part of the California Community Foundation's Adult Day Care--Best Care Initiative to strengthen the capacity of licensed Adult Day Services providers to assess program effectiveness and measure client outcomes in order to:

(1) Make evidence-based decisions; (2) Improve program quality; (3) Streamline data gathering for reports; (4) Outreach to potential clients (marketing); (5) Attract funding from multiple sources; and (6) Conduct effective advocacy.


AUG 2009 (24 months) || $102,000

To develop and facilitate strategic opportuities for adult day services to play an appropriate role within new and emerging health care reform and long term care structures and systems.

Archstone Foundation
Archstone Foundation logo

ADULT DAY HEALTH CARE AT A CROSSROADS: Conversion to a Federal Medicaid Waiver Creates Both Opportunity and Risk

2005 (36 months) || $300,000
2004 (12 months) || $15,000

To use this conversion from an optional Medi-Cal benefit to a benefit under a federal Medicaid waiver, which carries great risk for disruption of services for beneficiaries, as an opportunity to create a collaborative redesign effort working with policy makers, CMS, state departments, providers, and other stakeholders. The desired result will be a planned and careful transition to a modernized ADHC program, operating under a federal waiver that will provide, for the first time in California, opportunities for research and policy development based on data and treatment outcomes.


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